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6 May 2011 - Inherited Property

Ms D was recently left a property by her deceased father.  The property was in need of renovation and as she didnt live locally to oversee the works or the marketing of the property she was interested in a quick sale of the house.  She had tried advertising with an estate agent for a while but was not successful.  Fairdeal Homes was able to finalise our offer in writing with one visit to the property and have just completed on the sale. 

12 April 2011 - How Should I Sell My House Quickly to a Buyer Specialising in Fast Sales?

"I like the idea, but how do I sell my house quickly to a company offering fast property sales?" This is a question often asked by people who need a quick sale of their property but don’t know how exactly to go about it. If you want to sell your house fast then you probably want to know a bit more about your options.

A company offering quick sales is a popular choice. They provide a quick estimate, offer and sale, allowing you to free up cash fast without having to worry about the fees or waiting around for months for a buyer. In general, if you are saying to yourself “I need to sell my house fast” then it normally consists of a simple four-step process.

1. Find a Company You Trust

There are lots of companies offering quick purchases of your property, so it pays to look around until you find one which you like. This means finding a company that answers your questions, doesn’t charge hidden fees, is completely transparent and doesn’t put any pressure on you to sell. No sale should be so quick that you risk losing out, so never feel like you have to rush.

2. Get an Estimate

An estimate is the next stage of the process, and you can normally do this just by getting in touch with the company or filling out an online form, depending on the procedure in place. This is an important stage because you will get a good idea of the price to expect for your property, and you can then either follow it up or decide not to pursue it.

3. Receive an Offer

If you decide to move onto the next stage, you will then get an official offer from the company. During this stage they will provide a free valuation of your property so you won’t have to pay anything for this process, and they will then come up with a figure for you to consider. You can then accept or reject this over the next few weeks or whatever time period they have set. At this point remember not to feel pressured, and carefully consider whether it is the right option for you.

4. The Sale

If you are happy with the offer then all you have to do is officially agree to the sale. Once you have done this and any necessary paperwork is taken care of you will be able to enjoy the money for your property without going through all the difficulties of other methods.

Sell Your House Fast

Selling your house to a buyer offering quick property sales is a great way to free up funds when you need them without having to spend lots of money and hassle on the process. It’s quick and painless, as the above process shows. If you are in a position where you are saying "I have to sell my house quickly" then just make sure that you choose a good company you can trust and carefully consider all your options to ensure that this is the right choice for you before you go ahead with a sale.

11 April 2011 - How Should I Choose a Good Buyer when I Want to Sell My House Quickly?

If you are in a position where you are saying "I want to sell my house quickly" then you have a few options to consider. You can sell your house in the traditional way via an estate agent, put it up for auction or sell it directly to a company offering quick property purchases. If you decide to go with such a buyer then there are a number of things that you should look for when choosing a company.

You will probably have lots of questions to ask when you sell your home quickly via a buyer specialising in quick sales. Rather than brush these aside, a good company will have all the answers you need and will go through all your options with you. "Is it the right option for me to sell my house fast?" is a question often asked, so make sure that your buyer is prepared to go through everything until you are completely comfortable.

A good buyer will also understand your situation and will know that you may have other things to consider when selling your home other than just getting your hands on the money. A good buyer will listen to your concerns and will often be able to work out a solution.

Most importantly, when you find a buyer for your house there should be no pressure to sell. If you feel that you are being pressured into anything that you are not entirely happy with then find another buyer. There is no reason for a buyer to pressure you, and it could mean that they don’t have your best interests in mind. Remember that it should be your decision and no one else’s.

Selling a house can be stressful, especially if you need to free up some money in a short space of time. If you keep asking yourself "How can I sell my house quickly?" or "Where can I sell my house fast?", a buyer offering the option of quick property sales could be a great solution. Just make sure that you find a good buyer and don’t rush into it by selling to an unscrupulous company. Look around, find a company you trust, and make sure you are comfortable with the whole situation before you agree to sell.

9 April 2011 - Should I Choose an Estate Agent to Sell My House Quickly?

There are many possible ways to sell your house, and some of them take longer than others. Although selling via an estate agent might be a good option for many people, if you are saying to yourself "I must sell my house quickly" then you may be better off going with a company offering quick property purchases.

Longer Process

The biggest problem for people who are saying "I have to sell my house fast" and decide to use an estate agent is that the process can be quite lengthy. There is no way around it: sometimes it can take a very long time to sell a house.

Some houses stay on the market for many weeks or months as lots of viewings are carried out, and on top of that there are other factors including the time and expense of carrying out refurbishments. The fact that there is no guarantee of a quick sale means that this is a risk that many don’t wish to take.


Fees are another issue when selling a house via an estate agent. Commission, the surveyor fee, the solicitor fee and other fees all cut into the final sale amount. People often want to sell their houses because they don’t have access to ready cash, so spending more money on fees is not a tempting proposition. With a cash sale, you can sell your property for an agreed amount and the offer you are given is the amount that you will receive.

Property Chains

Property chains are another of the major frustrations of selling a house using an estate agent. Chains build up when someone has to wait for their property to sell before they have the money to buy your property. They can involve lots of buyers and sellers, and there is also the danger that they will fall through and leave you back at the beginning.

Weigh Up Your Options

All of these are some of the main reasons why people are sometimes put off by estate agents. That’s not to say that an estate agent is never the right option, and you should always consider all of your possibilities first. You have to weigh up the pros and cons of each, but if you are saying to yourself “I have to sell my house quickly” and you are keen to sell your home soon then a buyer who can provide the option of a quick sale might be your best option.

4 April 2011 - How Can I Avoid Fees when I Sell My House Quickly?

Just because you are saying "I need to sell my house quickly", this doesn’t mean that you are not concerned about getting the best price possible. Quite often when you sell a house, the extra fees can all add up and can take quite a hefty proportion from the sale price, lowering the amount of money that you actually get to keep even if the initial offer is attractive. To sell your house without worrying about fees, you might want to consider selling to a company specialising in quick sales.

Quick Sale, No Fees

Selling through a company offering quick purchases is one of the best ways to sell your house when you are looking for a quick sale and you want to avoid hefty fees. A quick cash sale will normally result in a lower price for your property than selling it via an estate agent, but the benefit comes in the extra convenience, the quick access to cash and the lack of extra fees.

No Commission

The first fee that you will save is the extra commission. Some forms of selling your house, such as via an estate agent, can involve a hefty commission. With a buyer offering quick purchases you won’t have to worry about this, so that when they give you a final offer this is what you can expect to take away with you.

No Refurbishments

The issue of refurbishments can be a problem if you are saying "I want to sell my house fast". Not only are they time consuming, but they can also cost a lot of money if you want to make your house into an attractive proposition for a buyer.

When you sell your house for cash, you don’t have to worry about making it look good because a good company offering quick cash sales will be happy to purchase it even if it needs some work.

No Other Fees

Other fees can surprise you along the way when you sell a house the traditional way. Legal fees are one thing, and there are often a number of these to pay, and you may also find yourself paying for surveyor fees. However, with a good buyer providing a potential cash purchase you will not have these fees to pay.

Sell Your House Fast

Although a buyer offering to purchase your home quickly will normally pay below the market price as a result of giving you a quick sale and cash in your pocket, it is a great way to sell your home if you want to save on fees. So when you find yourself saying "I need to sell my house quickly", it might be worth looking into this option.

2 April 2011 - I Need to Sell My House Quickly – What’s the Best Way?

"I need to sell my house quickly" is something many people find themselves saying these days, and if you are in the same position then you will probably be quite keen to know your options. Luckily, there are a number of possibilities for selling a property, and some of these are quicker than others. A good idea when it comes to selling your house fast is to choose to go a company offering potential cash purchases.

With a buyer offering a sale without going through the normal processes, the whole process is geared towards a quick sale, which is exactly what you are looking for. Some companies specialise in providing cash very quickly to those wanting to sell, and although they will normally offer a figure slightly below the market rate, for the convenience and the speed of the sale this is often a price worth paying.

When you ask yourself "How can I sell my house quickly?", it’s good to know that with a buyer offering potential cash purchases you can sometimes receive an offer in as little as 24 hours. This makes the whole process very convenient for you because you can avoid all the paperwork, fees, endless viewings and of course the time spent waiting for the right buyer to come along and put in an offer. Instead, you can focus on the important matter of finding out how much you can get for your house and then selling it.

An estate agent can sometimes be a good option, but there can be a few issues involved for those who are looking for a quick sale. One of these is the problem of property chains, which can hold up the selling process and can be very frustrating. When you are selling your home via a buyer offering quick sales you don’t have to rely on buyers’ financial situations which will make the whole process a lot simpler.

One of the things you should also consider when selling your property quickly is the condition it is in. If you want to make a quick sale of your home but it is not in great condition then this could hold things up when selling it through a more traditional process. With a company offering a cash sale this doesn’t have to be an issue, and although it might lead to a lower fee you will still be able to get your hands on the money quickly.

For people saying "I have to sell my house quickly" there are options out there that make this possible. Always consider all of your options carefully, but remember that it could well prove to be the best way to sell your property if you need to get your hands on some quick cash.

3 February 2011 - Mounting Debt

Mr W owned a house in Reading that had been in his family for a number of years and had slowly fallen into disrepair.  Mr W had taken secured loans against this property over the years which he was now struggling to service.  As the house was in such poor condition, it was going to be difficult to obtain the quick sale he required to pay off his debts.  Fairdeal Homes visited the site once and made him a firm offer which he accepted and we immediately commenced the process of purchasing the house.  Completion took place 6 weeks later.

21 November 2010 - No Hassle

Mr A moved to Scotland 6 years ago and kept his 3 bedroom terrace house in Cheltenham as a buy to let.  Looking to move again within Scotland Mr A needed to sell the Cheltenham property in order to fund his new purchase.  Due to the current tenancy and the overall condition of the property combined with Mr A living so far away it was going to be difficult to sell on the open market within the timescales needed.  Fairdeal Homes arranged a viewing of the house with the current tanant and made an offer on the spot.  Fairdeal homes then completed within 5 weeks.  All this without Mr A even having to revisit the property.

2 November 2010 - Ill Health

Mr & Mrs M had lived in their large 4 bedroom detached house in Scarborough for 15 years.  Mr M recently has some heart trouble and due to this they decided that they needed to move to a bungalow in the local area as soon as possible.  After finding the perfect property and struggling to sell their home on the open market they contacted Fairdeal Homes for a quick sale.  We agreed a sale and had Mr & Mrs M in their bungalow prior to Christmas as they had hoped.

15 October 2010 - Semi Rural Property

Mr P had recently seperated with his partner after building a new house in Cambridgshire.  Now with just one income he was struggling to keep up with the mortgage payments and required a quick sale on his property.  Due to the semi rural location, he was unable to get a commitment from many of the quick sale companies to whome he had spoken.  Fairdeal Homes agreed a price with Mr P within 3 days of his enquiry and completed within 6 weeks.

20 September 2010 - Good Tenants

Mr S had owned his property in Blackburn for 15 years as a buy to let landlord.  For 10 of those years he had the same tenant who never missed a payment and regurlarly contributed to the upkeep of the property.  Mr S contacted Fairdeal Homes needing a quick sale and also wanting to make sure that his tenants were able to stay on at the property.  Fairdeal Homes is more than happy to take on sitting tenants and we agreed the sale and completed the within a 6 week timeframe.

8 September 2010 - Lost Business

Mr L recently lost his business due to the current economic climate and a result was getting behind in his mortgage and was getting pressure from the mortgage company.  As the threat of repossesion was looming, Mr L contacted Fairdeal Homes for a quick sale.  A sale was agreed and solicitors were able to ensure the mortgage company that a sale was going ahead and therefore repossesion was not necessary.

28 August 2010 - Moving in with Family

Mrs U purchased a flat in Kent after downsizing from a larger house when her husband passed away.  Unfortunately flat living didnt really agree with her and her family decided they would prefer her to live with them.  In order to make the alterations to their house to cater for Mrs U they needed to sell the flat quickly and start building Works.  Fairdeal Homes agreed the sale after the one site visit which gave Mrs U the security to get the builders started straight away.  The sale was completed within 6 weeks and Mrs U was able to move in to her newly fitted accomodation.

2 July 2010 - Moving Abroad

Mrs P husband passed away recently and wished to join her children and grandchildren in Spain as soon as possible.  She did not want the hassle of estate agents or the uncertainty of  current market conditions when selling her house.  Fairdeal Homes have just completed on the property within 6 weeks of agreeing her the sale and Mrs P is all set to join her family abroad.

20 May 2010 - Quick Sale to Save House from Repossesion

Mr A owned an investment property in South East London. After separating with his wife, he was struggling to keep up with the repayments on his primary residence and was facing possible repossesion.  He needed to sell his flat very quickly in order to release the equity and save his home.  After agreeing on a sale with Fairdeal Homes after just the one site visit, completion has taken place within 4 weeks.

12 May 2010 - No Hassle for Landlord

Mr X approached Fairdeal Homes as he was looking for a quick, hassle free sale on his investment property located some 100 miles from his own residence.  Although there was no mortgage on the property and a tenant in place, the convenience of selling the property to a professional property buyer is what attracted Mr X to Fairdeal Homes.  The sale was completed within a period of 4 weeks and the tenant was given the option of staying on which was duly taken up.  Mr X was happy and commented on the ease and convenience of the sale process.

2nd May 2010 Development Project

Mr B contacted Fairdeal Homes regarding his parents property in Mansfield.  Their 3 Bedroom Semi detached was in a very poor state and required a complete refurbishment.  They did not wish to sell via an estate agent due to the scarcity of buyers looking to do major works on a property aswell as the potential risks of a sale not completing.  Fairdeal Homes were happy to offer on the property in its current condition.  A price was agreed and completion took place in the agreed time frame.

20 April 2010 - Problem Property  Coal Mining Area

Mr & Mrs L had lived in the same house in Wolverhampton for the last 35 years.  Mr L initially contacted Fairdeal Homes in August 2009 as his wife was having difficulty coping with the stairs due to health problems and was now on a waiting list with the council for a bungalow.  We discussed initial estimated figures and the fact that they were concerned about possible historic coal mining issues.  After researching the coal mining issue, we were able to confirm with Mr & Mrs L that Fairdeal Homes was still able to purchase the property.  In Late February, Mr L contacted Fairdeal Homes again once they had secured a bungalow from the council.  Fairdeal Homes visited the property the first week of March and have completed 5 weeks after having an agreed sale.

15 April 2010 - Broken Chain

Mrs M in Spalding had been considering downsizing for some time, but did not want the hassle or intrusion of potential buyers coming through her house.  Mrs M initially contacted Fairdeal Homes in October 2009 when we gave her an initial indicative offer which enabled her  to agree a purchase on her next property.  Unfortunately her purchase fell through due to a broken chain and therefore she did not need to progress with us.  Knowing however that Fairdeal Homes was there to buy her property when she was ready, this gave her the security that she could look for her new house without fear of losing her buyer.  Mrs M contacted Fairdeal Homes again in January 2010 as she had found a new property to buy. Her sale has just gone through very smoothly with a chain of four properties.

Separation In Sheffield

Mr C contacted Fairdeal Homes on behalf of his daughter and partner who were looking for a quick sale on their property in Sheffield due to a separation and the imminent threat of repossesion.  A site visit was arranged 24 hours after his initial call and we attended the property with a local RICS surveyor at no cost or obligation to establish the market value of the property.  24 hours after the site visit, a sale was agreed and the formal process of buying the property was underway.  Completion has just gone through within 6 weeks of acceptance of the offer and a happy Mr C emailed our offices to express his gratitude for the speed and the ease of the purchase.

Sold with Sitting Tenants

Fairdeal Homes have just completed on a semi detached in Oxford.  Ms R had sitting tenants in the property on a tenancy agreement until September 2010 making it difficult for her to secure a buyer.  Fairdeal Homes were happy to buy the property with the tenants, finalising our offer after one site visit and completing within 5 weeks of the agreed sale.

Clean Break

Mrs M has just completed on her semi detached house in Wigan.  After a recent separation and no luck on the open market, Mrs M contacted us needing a quick sale.  She needed a quick exchange and a certain amount of time to pass prior to completion to avoid her early repayment cost with the bank.  We happily exchanged and waited until she was ready to complete.  Completion has gone through and she has moved to her new residence.

Quick Sale Needed due to Ill Health
Mrs B owned a 3 bedroom semi detached house in Manchester, she has been suffering with health problems and did not want the annoyance of providing access to her home for estate agents, as is the case when marketing with an estate agent.  Using Fairdeal Homes, we needed a total two site visits throughout the whole process and have just completed within 6 weeks of agreeing on the sale.

Looking for a “Fresh Start”
Ms M owned a 3 bedroom semidetached in Wigan.  After recently separating with her husband, she no longer wished to live in the property and was keen to have a “fresh start”.  After struggling on the open market and being unable to sell, she contacted us needing a specific figure to allow her to sell.  After viewing the property and paying for a survey, Fairdeal Homes were the only company she contacted who were able to reach the figure she required.

Plans to start a new business
After recently separating, Mrs H wanted a fresh start with her family in Scotland, with plans to start her own business.  Due to the uncertainty in the market, Mrs H contacted Fairdeal Homes in need of a quick & hassle free sale, to provide the cash she needed to start her business and make an offer on a property in Scotland.  Fairdeal Homes completed on the sale within 6 weeks of an agreed sale and allowed Mrs H to get on with her life.

Recent death in the Family
Ms S’s Aunty recently passed away and Ms S was left her flat in Gloucester.  The property was in quite a bad state and was literally uninhabitable.  Due to the condition, finding a buyer on the open market was going to be a challenge.  Fairdeal Homes will consider any property in any condition.  We were able to make her a suitable offer and once probate had all been sorted by her solicitor we were able to complete on the purchase.

Going Abroad
Mr and Mrs Clayton wanted to sell their three bed semi in chesterfield as quickly as possible in order to leave the UK and spend a year travelling. We outlined our services to them, saw the house, made an acceptable offer and completed as they requested.

Releasing Equity
Mr Lishman needed to sell his 1 bedroom investment flat in Runcorn quickly as he wanted the equity for a new business project.   The flat was newly refurbished. The property was purchased in time for his next project to be started.

Releasing Equity
Mr and Mrs Robinson contacted us not knowing what else to do with their three bedroom terrace in Scunthorpe. The property had suffered structural movement and they were not able to sell using a traditional estate agent. After much additional work, a structural engineers report and liaising with the local council over a tree preservation order the purchase was completed successfully allowing the vendors to move on with their lives.

Bad tenants
This property in Kings Lynn had stood empty for several months after it had been completely wrecked by the tenants. Mr Last, the vendor, required a specific sum for the property, which we were able to pay and the rest of the transaction went through smoothly.


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