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Our Code of Practice

As professional property buyers, our staff have to abide by the Property Buyers’ Code of Practice. The code provides property buyers with a clear set of standards that they must adhere to at all times.

Property Buyers’ Code of Practice

General Obligations
  • You must always behave with the highest standards of honesty and integrity in the operation of the business.
  • You must never seek business by methods that involve dishonesty, deceit or harassment.
  • You must offer all clients and third parties equality of service and conduct.
  • You must never harass a client into agreeing to any offer you may make.
  • You must give all clients an opportunity to view this code of practice before entering into any transaction.
Confidentiality & Conflict of Interest
  • If requested by a client to keep items confidential then you must respect the client's wishes.
  • You must make reasonable efforts to avoid any conflict of interest. If a conflict of interest does arise then you must disclose the fact and the relevant circumstances to any impacted or relevant party.
  • You must confirm all final offers you make in writing.
  • You must ensure that all terms of business are written in plain and intelligible language. All implications of your contracts must be clearly explained to your client.
  • You must sign and date your final offer letters before they are given to a client. The client should also be asked to sign a copy and given a copy to retain.
  • The client must be given sufficient time to read and understand the terms of any offer letter or contract before signing.
  • You must keep clear and full written records of all transactions.
Commercial Obligations
  • Always clearly articulate at the earliest opportunity the service being offered to a client.
  • You must not charge any fees to clients for the valuation and / or property buying service.
  • Ensure that all advertising and marketing of a property buying service is accurate and fair.
  • You must record any and all complaints and refer them to the companies Head Office.

Any member of staff or franchisee found to be in breach of the code risks dismissal or termination of their agreement to trade.

If you feel that one of employees may be in non-compliance with the code, then we want to know about it.

Please report your concerns to

All reports will be treated seriously and in the strictest confidence.

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