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How long will it take and when will I receive an offer?

An offer can be made in writing within 48 hours of your initial enquiry.

How long will your offer remain open?

Our offer will remain open for as long as you wish, though we do reserve the right to review the offer if you choose to accept it after a period of two weeks from the date of the offer.

What will Fairdeal Homes costs be?

There are no hidden costs at all; you will not have to pay Fairdeal Homes anything throughout the entire process. In fact Fairdeal Homes pays for your legal fees and independent, local, RICS surveyor's report.

Do I need a Solicitor?

Fairdeal Homes will pay your legal fees (including vat, excluding disbursements). We can recommend a solicitor to you if you require.

Are there any types of property that you will not buy?

No, we buy all types of residential properties.

My property needs some updating as it's in a poor condition, does this matter?

No - we frequently buy properties that require modernisation and updating.

When do I have to leave the property?

We will arrange a convenient time and date to suit you and your plans. We understand that people will have different deadlines and reasons for moving so; this timescale is set by you, often to coincide with the purchase of another property.

Will anybody know about the sale?

We do not put a sold sign up; the transaction is regarded as confidential.

How quickly can I get the money?

Your solicitor will release the money as soon as the transaction is completed.

If we are being repossessed and we have chosen to sell to you, do we need to tell the people who are repossessing us?

You don't have to do anything. The solicitor will talk to them and arrange for their loan to be paid.

Do I have to accept the offer straight away?

No, you are under no obligation.

What type of property do we buy?

We buy all types of property:

  • Flats.
  • Maisonettes.
  • Terraced houses.
  • Semi-detached houses.
  • Properties with sitting tenants.
  • Ex-Local Authority.
  • Fire damaged property.
  • Property in need of refurbishment.
  • Even property that has been on the market for a long time.

Do you buy properties with sitting tenants?


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